Congratulations to Monnalisa New Store in Chongqing

Pov Sor - 2018.07.12


10th July 2018 – Kids love to have fun, with their unlimited energy and boundless imagination, anything can turn into dragons and unicorns. So why don’t their clothes be expressing their whimsical too! Monnalisa offers the most whimsical and colourful designs for boys and girls all over the world, and now they have come to China from Italy. Monnalisa is going to open her 21st store in Chongqing, China on this year July. For RCI had been elected for the all the previous stores’ retail management system set-ups, RCI Global Services excitingly welcomes her new store and will be celebrating by her side on its opening day.



RCI had been sending its team all over China for their previous 20 stores for their set-ups, like China’s capital Beijing, major business cities like Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Xianon, Shenzhen…etc. This time our team will be going to the southwest, Chongqing, for Monnalisa’s first-in-the-region store setup and on-site support.



RCI Sets Up Retail Management Solution – Retail Pro

Monnalisa and many other retail businesses are all asking RCI to help set up with the best retail management solution – Retail Pro. This solution has advantages like executing payment transactions, stock management, giving out daily sales report, storing customer information…etc. Other than set-up, RCI also provides expert support to our clients after system roll-out, such as training store staff on system operation, fixing system crash, correcting store staff manual error inside system. RCI is always here to help when clients encounter any problem.




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