Time to have an Integrated Order Management System

Vic Liu - 2019.01.16


Why do you need an Integrated Order Management System?


To build up a successful e-tailing business, it’s crucial for retailers to pick up the right ecommerce order management platform, being able to deal orders across offline and online channels.

A highly automated order managing process could significantly improve the workflow of e-tailing business (buy-side and sell-side) regarding both accuracy aspect and efficiency aspect.

However, the situation could be much more complicated in the real world.

Just imagine this, a retailer is operating multiple online stores for its different brands, brands are being managed independently, without an integrated OMS system, the way to simultaneously deal with a large amount of separated order data and to monitor the accurate available stock through a single view of inventory could be quite a problem.

It might need an additional manual operation to integrate all the information with other systems of the company into one place, which obviously will create tons of unnecessary workloads for the retailer and turn out the working efficiency could be reduced.

Therefore, the very core-question is what should we do for handling this situation? I think you’ve noticed the crucial keyword, integrated OMS system.



What is an integrated OMS system?

In nowadays market, there are certain low level and basic OMS systems that are designed specifically for small businesses, mainly to help them organize and streamline the order fulfilment process and deal with some fundamental transactions, which is more than enough because of their overall business scale and limited budget.




But a good order management system goes far deeper.

For those big players in the market, a professional OMS system (like OMS.Pro) with advanced features could be extremely useful and indispensable. The integration capacity should be the outstanding one among those advanced features.

An integrated OMS system enables to be integrated with retailers’ various external and internal systems, such as ERP, CRM, POS, Logistic, Payment gateway and so on, empowering retailers to:

  • Manage their customer information and interactions
  • Access accounting data
  • Order routing and fulfilment
  • Receive order information across different channels
  • Receive order information across multiple brands’ online stores
  • Better inventory management

All by operating just one single OMS system.



Let’s read the L’Oréal Australia Case Study!

See how L’Oréal Australia solve their order management problem by working with RCI Global Services.


Customers, at the time, were no longer just satisfied with buying what they want but started to significantly value the overall shopping experience, being eager to obtain more accesses to reach their desired products and be able to seamlessly transition from one channel to the next with simple move.




In 2015, L’Oréal Australia sensed the trend of drastic change for the traditional retail landscape and smelled the opportunity from the e-tailing business, deciding to launch their very first eCommerce store for their three major brands, Lancome, Kiehl’s, and Clarisonic, to further meet their customers’ expectation and enhance the overall shopping experience across the online channel for Australia and New Zealand.

Since it was a crucial step for L’Oréal’s future business growth, they needed to make sure the partners they’re going to work with were professional and reliable enough.

Salesforce was one of the essential components in their e-tailing journey, offering Salesforce Commerce Cloud eCommerce solution.


Challenge Appearing

However, during the eCommerce store launching project, L’Oréal was facing a serious challenge, which is lacking the right order management system for their eCommerce store to manage multiple brands in one single OMS system, instead of creating different interfaces per brand.

Since those three brands owned by L’Oréal group, Lancome, Kiehl’s, and Clarisonic, were being independently operated, there could be huge differences from each other regarding the internal systems, the inventory management, the fulfilment way, and so on.




Only implementing an advance integrated OMS platform, such as OMS.Pro, could truly help L’Oréal develop a solid e-tailing business, which’s able to simultaneously manage multi-brands within the same platform in real-time online orders for Australia markets and be seamlessly integrated with Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC), ERP, Logistic, POS, CRM system.

At the time, those eCommerce stores were expected to be officially launched within 4 months, quite a tight schedule, so L’Oréal Australia urgently needed to find a partner that could not only offer the right OMS solution and but also carry out the whole professional implementation in a challenging timeline.


Solution from RCI Global Services

RCI Global Services were there bringing one of the most advanced OMS solutions in the market at the time, called OMS.Pro solution holding various exciting features, including:

  • Order management (Sales Order, Cancel, Return, Exchange)
  • Customer management
  • Product & Price management
  • Inventory Management
  • Fully-integrated approach


Designed for duly managing huge numbers of orders in real-time, OMS.Pro was the one that could be fully integrated with L’Oréal AU ecosystem (SAP, Salesforce, Auspost) and create a centralize integration hub to orchestrate their supply chain to receive orders from various channels and eCommerce stores, providing you 360 view of the customer and order journey, from initial information gathering to product return & cancellations.

By connecting and overlapping each channels’ and stores’ data for a seamless view of the customer purchasing behaviour, it certainly enabled L’Oréal to handle orders from their 3 different brands at the same time.

Possessing strong knowledge of retail-focused OMS system and experience development team for system integration, RCI Global Services left a great positive impression to L’Oréal Australia.

Once L’Oréal Australia came on board RCI Global Services immediately started a comprehensive evaluation of the OMS implementation project and then offered a detailed implementation schedule, scopes including:

  • Consulting business requirement
  • OMS implementation
  • Data migration
  • Develop customization for L’Oréal Australia market
  • Develop integration with external and internal systems
  • Thorough system testing

and confirmed the best project team arrangement, including 1 project manager, 1 business analysis, 3 developers, and 1 quality assurance, to ensure those three eCommerce stores of L’Oréal Australia could be successfully launched without any delay.


Satisfied Result

After 4 months of hard working, RCI Global Services have delivered the shared OMS solution fully integrated with SFCC for 3 simultaneous brands (Lancome, Kiehl’s, and Clarisonic) of L’Oréal Australia eCommerce websites.




With the powerful OMS.Pro solution, their eCommerce store now could manage all aspects of e-tailing business, such as order processing, support center management, customer relationship management, inventory management, and so on.

Through applying the localization design of the OMS.Pro for the Australia and New Zealand markets, L’Oréal are able to easily adapt the buying behaviour of local customers and the complex market environment of Australia, avoiding some unwanted conflict.

A fully integrated OMS makes their 3 brands’ e-tailing business run smoothly and efficiently by automating every step possible and help them keep all valuable transaction data and the processes regarding both buy-side and sell-side in one unified system.

L’Oréal Australia are greatly satisfied with the result and thrilling to see their dream come true for the first eCommerce website with SFCC, which is a huge step for their future business growth in the Australia market.

There is no doubt that L’Oréal Australia start to consider RCI Global Services part of the crucial component in their e-tailing journey and plan to deploy the OMS.Pro solution for their other brands in Australia in near future.


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