NGO project – MOBILE CLINIC, sponsored by RCI Global Services

Vic Liu - 2018.12.17

Since hospitals in Cambodia are severely insufficient and unreachable for certain areas, numerous people are suffering due to the lack of proper medical treatments.


For those people in need to have better opportunities for gaining access to receive more reliable medical treatments, RCI Global Services was cooperating with NGO initiative, “Un Soin Une Vie”, to launch an innovative NGO project called MOBILE CLINIC. In 2018, both organizations were fully devoting themselves into the project, starting from purchasing the truck to remodifying it, from applying various medical licenses to grouping volunteer people together. Finally, on Dec 2018, a fully functional MOBILE CLINIC, equipping with a practical surgery room and various medical care equipments, was officially inaugurated, which was the very first one in Cambodia region.


Carrying out the concept proposed by Jean Luc LIM, CEO of RCI Global Services, that “if people cannot come to the Clinic, then the Clinic will go to them”, the MOBILE CLINIC currently is cruising around the remote areas and trying to help as many people as possible reach the proper medical treatments such as general medical care, dental care, surgery operation, and so on.


For now, the MOBILE CLINIC has already helped more than 250 people in just one week time and the number still keeps increasing.


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