Challenges in Contemporary Retail

RCI thoroughly understands your business concerns: To optimize customer satisfaction, retailers increasingly put more focus on perfecting Direct-to-Consumer operations. However, you are wondering
  • How to set up a new strategy to assure a seamless and consistent consumer experience across both Offline (your own retail sites) and Online channels?
  • How can the Online and Offline channels be integrated in some strategic markets or countries?
  • How to create an IT groundbreaking solution to deliver Omnichannel Retailing across POS/CRM/eCommerce?



RCI’s groundbreaking Omnichannel Retailing Solution is your answer to these questions once and for all! Its outstanding Maintainability and Scalability in responding to market and business changes is unsurpassed in the industry.

RCI’s Omnichannel Retailing Solution makes the difference with:

Cutting-edge end-to-end omnichannel retailing solution
Seamless and thorough integration with POS/CRM/eCommerce solutions
Highly scalable
Ease of deployment, use and maintenance
Low cost of ownership

Omnichannel Retailing Features


Stock Visibility

Online user sees stock levels by article and by shop (relevant to “buy online, pick up in store” purchases).

Click & Collect

Online user can order and pay online and pick up in store. User can select/try articles in store. Consumer can use eStore to make an appointment in store. Consumer can add items to appointment.

Click & Reserve

Consumer can reserve articles online, and then go to store, select/try articles and pay in store. Consumer can use eStore to make an appointment in store. Consumer can add items to appointment.

Clienteling & Guided Selling

Shop assistant can access the consumer’s account/profile/order history (even if account was opened online), and can use this information to consult consumer.

Wish List

Shared basket: Shop assistant can gain access to a wish-list (or shopping cart) which the consumer has created online (before shop visit) or vice versa.

Buy Online & Return at Store

Shop assistant could accept returned articles that were bought online at any local store


Shop assistant is able to scan a customer’s loyalty card (could be self-printed from online system)

Coupon & Voucher

The system allows scanning of barcode on a voucher that the user has printed from the website (e.g. get 10% discount at the customer’s next store visit)


Coupon & Voucher

Shop assistant can create coupons/vouchers (unique code) which the consumer can use online (e.g. get 10% discount during the consumer’s next online purchase).


The system can share the loyalty program between retail shops and e-shops across different countries.

Stock Levels

Shop assistant can check stock levels in other retail stores, online store and central warehouse.

Buy in Retail & Return Anywhere

Consumer can buy in a particular retail store, and then return anywhere (other stores, retail warehouse, eCommerce warehouse, and central warehouse).

Digital Receipt

The system can generate digital receipt. The system can send receipt to user’s email address stored in his or her profile.

Account & Newsletter Registration at Store

Consumer can create account/register for newsletter in retail store, via paper, tablet or POS terminal.

Store Extension & Endless Aisle

Shop assistant can show rich product information via tablet. Shop assistant (or retail consumer) can select additional articles on tablet or terminal and put them on wish list or in basket; user can order directly in store or save wish list/basket. Sale will be assigned to e-shop turnover and deducted from e-shop stock.

Both Channels/CRM

Customers across Countries

Customer’s account that is set up in a particular country can be viewed across the globe, through an aggregated view of accounts/linking of accounts in the system.

Details of Purchase

The system records all details of a purchase (e.g. article ID and discount), both retail and online in the customer’s account. The full consumer’s history is thus stored and can also be seen online in consumer’s global account (including warranty period).

Buy Online & Shipment from Store

Picking list and packing list are enabled by the system. Products of online order can be checked and shipped from retail stores.

Delivery Tracking

The system can be integrated with logistics company to allow shop assistant or call center agent to monitor and track the status of the delivery of the goods for online orders.

Customer Service

Call center agent can enter a ticket in the system and assign this to the customer (e.g. customer complaint, info for customer care organization).

iBeacon Technology

The system is able to handle iBeacon technology (e.g. when a consumer with a mobile phone enters shop, the consumer can get targeted advertisements/vouchers based on user’s profile, stored wish list, and order history).

Mobile Payment

Consumer can pay via mobile phone in store (e.g. WeChat payment, Apple Pay).

Omnichannel Retailing Architecture


POS/CRM/eCommerce integrated seamlessly.

Our Partners

In order to enhance your Omnichannel strategy, RCI built the most relevant partnerships to offer a seamless, tailored retail experience across channels from your brick and mortar locations to e-Store.

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