Innisfree is a South Korean cosmetic company created in 2010. Known for its products in Asia, Innisfree selects its natural ingredients from Jeju island. Located in the south, the island is composed of a volcano and natural resources as green tea fields.

The company especially stands out for its capacity to recycle the containers, reusing them in a environmental-friendly way, and for its R&D.


The challenge for this project are significant. First RCI’s OMS solution, OMS Pro, has to be integrated with Commerce Cloud for the US market within 5 months. Second, establish an omnichannel retailing strategy for the complex features and finally, manage Innisfree’s complex organization.


The solutions provided for this project are OMS Pro V2.6 to be integrated with Commerce Cloud. For a unified commerce, RCI and the other parties have to develop new integrations with Innisfree’s IT ecosystem (SAP, POS, WMS0. Finally, for the payment gateway, online gift card and offline transaction have to be managed.


The project is ongoing, with a go live target for August 1st, 2017.