An example of E-commerce and OMS solutions


Pandora is a Danish jewelry manufacturer, which is present in 80 countries and has approximately 10,000 points of sale.

The firm is famous for its products that can be customized by the clients. In 2016, Pandora’s income was estimated at US$2.84 billion.


Before the project, there was no e-commerce website for Pandora in Hong Kong. Because of that, Pandora’s products were not promoted on the internet. The challenge was first, to implement RCI’s OMS solution (OMS Pro) with Salesforce Commerce Cloud E-commerce solution within 4 months. Second, OMS Pro had to be integrated with Pandora’s ecosystem (ERP, CRM and BI).


RCI provided OMS Pro, fully integrated with Salesforce Commerce Cloud E-commerce solution. OMS Pro can create complex specific features to implement charm jewelry. Last but not least, it takes the country’s specific needs into account for the Hong Kongese market.


The first E-commerce standalone project in Asia for Pandora was created. The OMS was fully integrated with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, ERP, CRM, BI and POS solutions. OMS allows Pandora store to fulfill online orders (pick, pack and ship the products from store) and seek & send process.