RCI's Services

An expertise dedicated to your performance.

RCI Global Services proposes a large range of services, from the consulting to the support. Its ability to provide customized IT solutions that fit retailers’ purpose makes it a unique firm in APAC.

Retail expert

Integrated with an E-commerce website, retailers expand the sales possibilities through different touchpoints. With different projects accomplished in Asia-Pacific, RCI gained knowledge in the luxury retail industry with the Kering Group, L’Oreal, Gucci or Pandora.

  • Omnichannel retailing strategy
  • Standard store operating procedure
  • Customer insights & segmentation
  • Inventory management
  • Promotion strategies
  • Store sales & profitability
  • Retail analytics
  • Visual merchandising
  • Vendor & franchise management

IT consultant

Since each retailer has different type of business and needs, RCI decided to provide tailor-made services to help its clients to achieve their goals. At RCI, our team manages the whole project from the consulting until the support if necessary.

  • IT strategy
  • Project management
  • Business analysis
  • System audit
  • Training
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Store roll out
  • Support

System integrator

The system integration is a necessary step to create a unified commerce. RCI Global Services develops interfaces so that the information can be transferred. As online shoppers are increasing, retailers can link their physical stores to their online stores.

  • E-commerce
  • Order Management System (OMS)
  • Point of sale (POS)
  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Business intelligence
  • Reporting & analytics
  • WeChat, POSPi, NFC

Tailored Services

Every retailer has a different type of business and needs. Because of these differences, RCI Global Services adapts the solutions and the services to fit retailers' purpose.


With its omnichannel expertise, RCI Global Services advises retailers about the most effective IT solutions to enhance their business. Since the way consumers go shopping is evolving, retailers seek innovative technologies that will increase productivity and customer experience.


During the project, RCI Global Services oversees the solution implementation. With the third parties, RCI implements not only the E-commerce website but also OMS and POS solutions. Since RCI is headquartered in Hong Kong, the rollout can be organized in different countries in Asia-Pacific.


Since the provided solutions are complex and require IT knowledge, RCI Global Services offers technical support and assistance to its clients once the project is completed. In addition, the local support team can speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

RCI's project management process

RCI Global Services offers a tailor made retail management solution, mixing retail strategies and IT operations, which is fully integrated into a 360° service. RCI Global Services’ pioneering omnichannel retailing solution streamlines and enhances your businesses with its extensive retail expertise and a global network of IT solutions.

RCI Global Services addresses the needs of your organization, aiming to help your business thrive in its international expansion. A close and long-term partnership is forged between you and RCI Global Services, enabled by its capacity to anticipate and cater to your every need and challenge.

How are projects managed by RCI Global Services?


RCI Global Services advises retailers about the most suitable solutions, which would improve their sales.



In accordance with the client’s requests, a specification is created. It contains all the project requirements.



To accomplish the project, RCI Global Services gathers third parties and establish a schedule.



RCI Global Services develops the features in the software to match the client’s needs.



Because RCI cares about its clients, it can provide local assistance and technical support.



Once the tests are successful, the system is brought into effect and is ready to use.



RCI ensures that the solutions are brought into effect and are ready to use.



To ensure that the services work correctly, a system integration test is realized before the implementation.