Many solutions, one objective

To offer innovative IT solutions to retailers.

As technology is in constant evolution, RCI dedicates its work to improve retailers’ productivity in APAC.

Challenges in contemporary retail

RCI Global Services thoroughly understands retailers’ business concerns and challenges:
Optimize customer experience and satisfaction, retailers increasingly focus on perfecting direct-to-consumer operations through different channels. With RCI expertise, retailers overcome these challenges and modernize their business. How can RCI help retailers?

  • Set up a new strategy to assure a seamless and consistent consumer experience across both online and offline channels.
  • Integrate online and offline channels in key markets or countries and manage different brands in different countries.
  • Create IT groundbreaking solutions to deliver omnichannel retailing.

O2O expert

In the framework of an omnichannel strategy, O2O services aim to generate more online and in-store traffic by creating a unified and connected business. The services display all the purchasing process for different channels: web, mobile application or in-store. In the end, the retailers enhance their business and sales by providing a better customer experience.

Online to Offline

Online-to-Offline services aim to attract customers from online stores to physical stores. For that, retailers display online information regarding stores inventory items. To increase customer experience, shop assistants have access to shoppers’ online account and wish list to provide personalized items. These products can be purchased or booked online, then picked up or tried at stores. When an item is purchased online, it becomes possible to return it at store. Finally, shop assistants can increase shoppers’ loyalty by providing loyalty card or online promotion with printable vouchers.

  • Stock visibility
  • Click & collect
  • Click & reserve
  • Customers & guided selling
  • Wish list
  • Buy online & return in-store
  • Loyalty
  • Coupon & voucher

Offline to Online

Conversely, Offline-to-Online services attract customers from physical stores to E-commerce website. Stores can provide their customers information about others stores inventory. The services personalize the customer journey by subscribing to the newsletter with POS terminals. On tablets, it becomes possible to show the items and create a wish list. Moreover, the system shares the loyalty program between retail shops and e-shops across different countries. Finally, shop assistants can provide coupons or voucher to be used for online shopping and receive the digital receipt.

  • Stock level
  • Account & newsletter
  • Store extension & endless aisle
  • Digital receipt
  • Buy-in & return anywhere
  • Loyalty
  • Coupon & voucher


For retailers who wish to enhance their business and sales through online platform, RCI Global Services provides  E-commerce solutions with Salesforce Commerce Cloud or Magento. With an online presence, retailers increase their visibility and reach more customers by offering a large range of products. These items can then be fulfilled by local stores and shipped to their clients. Indeed, integrated with a point of sale (POS) software, customers may also pick up their orders in-store. More than an online platform, the website is connected to local stores and acts as a coordinated whole in the context of an omnichannel retailing strategy.

Cloud commerce platform

A commerce cloud platform provides innovative solutions to retailers. It lowers the costs as one single platform can be managed for several brands and countries. Also, it provides innovative extensions with less delays through cloud platform. Finally, it is a secure technology that leads to successful omnichannel retailing by reaching shoppers through multi-channels (web, mobile application, in-sore).

Predictive intelligence

With the predictive intelligence technology called Einstein, the AI can predict the next actions of online shoppers regarding email subscription or online purchasing. Shoppers can receive product recommendations and have a personalized content in their email to enjoy a better experience.

Unified commerce

The technology provides a better customer experience on web, mobile application and in-store. Since the E-commerce website can be integrated with OMS, POS and other complex solutions, real-time inventory can be displayed and online orders can be fulfilled by local stores.


Magento is a leading E-commerce platform composed of 150,000 innovators. It ensures a fast growing business through its features and extensions.

Personalized solution

The platform offers flexibility and customized extensions that can adapt to different business needs. Indeed, consumer behavior is changing and Magento ensures that retailers can answer to new trends.


Magento is an open source E-commerce solution, provided at a competitive price compared to other E-commerce platforms.

Order Management System (OMS)

An OMS is a software used by retailers, which mainly allows them to have a 360° view on their business. The software shows in real-time the status of the orders, from the payment to the shipment. It is a solution integrated on both side front-end and back-end, that is the main component for a unified commerce through different channels. Last but not least, an OMS solution can display the real time inventory stock and manage the replenishment.

Orders and returns

In a single click, retailers can manage the orders, the returns and the cancellations. As an information hub, OMS Pro gathers different data from both front and back-end.

Real-time visibility

OMS Pro provides real-time visibility on online orders. On a single platform, it is possible to know their status (paid, picking, packed and shipped), the store inventory and the daily sales for different brands managed in several countries. Thus, real-time visibility provide a 360° view and more reactivity in case of modification.

Store fulfillment

Since OMS Pro can be integrated with E-commerce website and other complex software solutions as ERP, CRM or POS: local stores may directly fulfill online orders and send them to their clients. Last but not least, in the context of an omnichannel strategy, online orders can also be picked up in-stores.

Omnichannel Order Management

IBM Sterling Commerce is a software that enhances customer experience by buying, picking up and returning products everywhere. Retailers have to adapt to new shopping trends.

Orders and inventory

Since both orders and inventory are linked, it is essential for retailers to have real-time access on their sales. With IBM Sterling Commerce, it is easier to manage the logistics and the shipment of items.

Business rules

The technology allows to prioritize and handle the orders according to specific rules based on costs, physical location and demand history through multi-channels (web, mobile...).

Point of sale (POS)

A POS software manages local stores operations as the daily sales, the inventory, the price or even the accounting. It is an essential tool that centralizes all the store information and increases productivity. Most of the stores are equipped with a POS. RCI Global Services is a Retail Pro Authorized Business Partner and also provides iVend POS from CitiXsys.

Point of sale and checkout

The software manages the sales operations, provides real-time data on current sales and store inventory. In addition, retailers can anticipate future sales with the replenishment feature. Retail Pro can be integrated with an ERP in order to manage the logistics.

Pricing and promotion management

One of the most interesting features regarding Retail Pro is the pricing. It allows to set the price for one item according to its SKU (size, color...), to make a special promotion for a period or to create a pricing scenario: a set price for a certain number of item bought. To sum up, Retail Pro creates different ways to set the price, according to the way retailers wish to sell their products (items pack, sales...).

Omnichannel retailing purpose

An onmichannel retailing strategy is a business model that uses different channels (web, mobile applications, in-store) and places the customer at the center of the business, to increase customer experience. With its retail expertise, RCI Global Services offers one of the most understanding IT software solution to enhance retailers business. Indeed, POS integration creates a coordinating whole business, allowing online orders and pick up in stores for instance.


iVend can manage different operations. For instance, it can quickly handle checkout operations. Also, it displays real-time visibility on the inventory, which allows to have a better replenishment planning depending on the sales.

A better customer experience

Not only available on terminals, iVend is also available on mobile devices as tablet, which could be used by shop assistants to provide customized services to the in-store clients. By reaching different touchpoints, iVend can maximize the sales by approaching every potential clients. Last but not least, the POS manages the client data base for more tailor-made services.


The software provides intuitive features and makes it easy-to-use. Hence, it increases in-store productivity through daily operations as checkouts or inventory check.